​Have you ever heard of the Bayou Fairies? Learn about the wildlife, plants, and flowers of the South as you hear the adventures of the fairies and their Forever Friends.

Come and sit around the Story Ring to hear how these extraordinary creatures made friends with the animals of the southern swamp through acts of kindness. Meet Queen Nolia, the Southern Magnolia Fairy, and her feathered friend Bleu, the Great Blue Heron. Let Cy, the adventurous Cypress Fairy, tell you how he saved Buck, the swamp rabbit, from the bite of a water moccasin. Through their friendship, the fairies and the animals help each other thrive.

The gorgeous illustrations in this book transport us to the special home of the Bayou Fairies and make us want to visit similar real spots in the South. Hearing about the world of the Bayou Fairies reminds us to respect and appreciate nature, animals, and unique environments.

the bayou fairies