Join Pierre ale Gator, Man Cher the pretty raccoon and TuTu the mischievous turtle as they embark on their first adventure, The Missing Chord. While practicing to compete in the annual Fais Do Do for "Best Band in the Land" they discover that something is missing from their musical sound. It takes a shy new friend to solve their mystery which he does in a most unusual way.

The Missing Chord, the first in a new, exciting series, The Adventures of the Swamp Kids, contains several learning aides that can be used by the reader, parent or teacher as they explore the moral of the adventure.

Look for future stories in the series including, A Recipe for Change, A Dog Named Cat, A Case of Bad Manners and a special feature - A Zoo Ta Do. You're sure to want to follow the Swamp Kids in each adventure as they help their friends and learn valuable life lessons along the way.The Adventures of The Swamp Kids "The Missing Chord" is written by Leif Pedersen and illustrated by Tim Banfell. This is a 24 page picture book that will be released Fall 2013.