A beautiful and exciting journey into the world's last frontier, the deep ocean. Ruke is a fanciful creature from the deep ocean, but the geological features and creatures he talks about really do exist. He communicates with a child on the seashore by sending messages in a bottle, and through a gift the child sends him, discovers a way to visit the world above (the seashore). Ruke uses initiative and ingenuity to build a vehicle to travel in an environment that is foreign to him. Complete with a child-friendly pictorial glossary and teacher's suggested projects and questions, To the World Above can even be used to generate ideas for projects in science and environmental stewardship thereby aiding the educator in meeting the requirements of core curriculum standards. Children will be entertained as they learn. To the World Above is a book for all of us who gaze into the deep and wonder what is gazing back. Review: Peter Stone, photographer, author, bibliophile, and publisher, who has had over thirty years diving experience Oceans Enterprises, (oceans.com.au) Australia "I like to work on the 3E principle for a children's book (indeed most books) - it must Entertain, it must Educate and it must Encourage. This book satisfies all these needs. The images and story entertain, the theme and the world of Ruke is educational, and the written and illustrated glossary at the end will encourage a child to find out more about the world beneath the sea." Review: D.B. Grady, author of "Red Planet Noir" (winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Award for science fiction in 2010) and co-author of "The Command" "My daughter adores Rebecca's book. It's brilliant."